Using this calculator, have an accurate estimation of Binding, Printing and Extra(s) charges

Printing help

Please ensure that you count the number of colour and black and white pages correctly. If there is a red full stop on a page, the whole page will be printed in colour and you will be charged for a colour page. Please also check any images/graphs as sometimes these may appear black but they are actually made up of 4 colours. Please ensure that these are set up as grayscale images.
If you need more information about our printing services visit Printing Services page.

Black and White Pages x 5p per page
Colour Pages x 25p per page
Number of copies
Total Printing Cost
Printing Turnitin Report help

You may be asked by your tutor(s) to print out the Turnitin Originality Report for your assignment. In this case download your originality report and we will print for you.
Please NOTE, our services include only the printing services not the originality check.
If you have more questions please send us a message.

Black and White Pages x 5p per page
Colour Pages x 25p per page
Number of copies
Turnitin Report Total Cost
Binding help

We offer a variety of binding styles for theses including hard bindings and soft bindings. Your thesis document will be printed on high-definition digital printers using the finest quality 100gsm paper. Your binding will be securely bound as appropriate in our dedicated bindery, and the lettering stamped with specialist hot-foil blocking machines.
If you are not sure which type of cover to choose for your theses please discuss with your tutor(s). Each University and department has different rules.
If you need more information about our Binding services visit Binding Description page.

Number of copies
Front and Spine Hotfoil Letters £3
Total Binding Cost
Extras help

We offer Extras that you may need for your theses. These include CD with your work , CD Pokets and Turnitin Report Sleeve.
If you need more information about our Extra(s) send us a message

CD x £2.00 per item
CD Pocket x £0.20 per item
Turnitin Report Sleeve x £0.20 per item
Total Extra(s) Cost
Total Estimated Cost help

This quote is for estimation purposes and is not a guarantee of cost for services. This estimation is based on current information you provide about the project requirements. Actual cost may change once project the ptoject is uploaded. On the Order Section you will be able to see the total cost for your project.
Minimum order to qualify FREE DELIVERY is £15. If your order is below £15, than an extra £4 is charged for delivery cost.
If you need more information about our prices visit Our Prices page.

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