Our prices for printing and binding

Following are the prices for one copy only.

Digital Printing help

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Black and white (per page)5p
Colour (per page)25p
Binding Styles help

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Hard Bound Buckram Cover£18
Hard Bound Magesta Cover£15
Soft Magesta Covers£10
Soft Bound Acetate Cover£7
Wire Bound£5
Front and Spine Hotfoil Lettering£3
Extras help

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Pocket for CD£0.5
3rd Bound Copy includes Printing Cost£15
Proofreading help

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Average Quality (per page)£15.99
Standard Quality (per page)£18.99
Premium Quality (per page)£21.99
Turnitin Report help

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Black and white (per page)£0.05
Colour(per page)£0.40
Turnitin Report Sleeve£0.20

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