Printing Services

Professional Printing Services for students and businesses

proofreading offers the simplest way to get your A3, A4, A5 black & white and colour printing produced and delivered to your door (or wherever else you might need them!). Our state of the art digital printers and range of paper-weights and finishes provide a superior level of quality for your documents.

With prices starting from just 40p for single sided A4 prints in colour and 5p for black & white offers an economical and professional way to print your documents. help

NOTE: If there is a red full stop on a page the whole page will be printed in colour and you will be charged for a colour page. PLease also check any images/ graphs as somethimes these may apear black but they are made up of 4 colours. Please ensure that these are set up as grayscale images
To get an estimation price visit our Prince calculator page

Whether it is just one-off copy needed or as a permanent solution to all your printing needs iDissertation can helpS

Why don't you get your copies nicely bind?

Choose one of the binding style

Personalise your copies with hotfoil lettering in various colours, for example gold, siver and rose gold

Binding styles: help

We are offering different types of binding and hotfoil lettering. Please visit our Binding Options for more details.

Paper Quality

  • Colour: 100 & 200 gsm
  • black & White: 100 & 200 gsm
Size and Orientation

  • Size : A3, A4, A5
  • Orientation : Portrait or landscape
Hotfoil Printing

  • Silver;
  • Gold;
  • Rose Gold;